Our Approach

SPCI’s Commitment: Quality Service with Professional Integrity

Treating every project as a trophy project, SPCI employs an efficient, pro-active approach to project management, in accordance with world-class standards and client’s specific requirements.

Observing independence, impartiality, and professional integrity with every undertaking, SPCI is committed to delivering only the highest standards of service and professionalism to each and every client.

Quality Niche

SPCI is the first in project management and second in construction management in the Philippines to be ISO 9001-certified since 1998. This firmly establishes SPCI in its chosen fields of specialization.

Professional Integrity

Guided by a strict code of conduct and integrity policy, SPCI enjoys the trust and confidence of its clients who, time and again, attest to the value of this unique relationship.

Knowledge Of Contracts

SPCI’s knowledge of both domestic and international contracts ensures the proper administration and management of each project’s existing contract. With its comprehensive training in international contracts at FIDIC Academy, SPCI’s team guides project stakeholders in preventing issues and claims from escalating into disputes.

Continuous Education

In an industry that is constantly changing, SPCI maintains its high quality work through non-stop learning. We strive for continuous improvement, efficiency, and effectiveness by combining the latest technology and information with years of experience and lessons learned from every project.

Held at the corporate headquarters’ training center (and now through virtual platforms), SPCI’s seminars and training programs cover a wide array of topics, both technical and non-technical. Institutionalized by its ISO certifications, SPCI arms its staff members with information that is up to date and relevant to their specific line of work.

Empowered Next Generation

SPCI welcomes the fresh ideas and new approaches of its next generation of engineers and architects.. We prepare our young talents to lead the company into the future by involving them directly in the fundamentals of real-life project management.

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Our Core Values

More than 30 years since SPCI was established, the core values first introduced by our founders, Salvador Q. Castro, Sr. and Salvador P. Castro, Jr., remain very much in place. Guided by these principles, we are proud to call them our own.

How We Began

SPCI was founded in the Philippines in 1986 by two pioneers in the field of project management. Working for the Bureau of Public Works in the 1930s and early 1940s, the late Salvador Q. Castro, Sr. was project engineer of Manuel L. Quezon Memorial Bridge, an Art Deco style arch bridge in Manila inspired from the design of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.